Women’s Convenience Packs

Published on 12 April 2019
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Being a women working within the construction industry on site is invigorating, interesting and fairly new to a predominantly male orientated institution. As the female population grows within... Read more...

Smart technologies. Clean solutions.

Published on 12 April 2019
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A critical challenge in delivering surveillance on the SRN is that areas which need surveillance do not always coincide with the availability of power and a network connection, to both record relay... Read more...

Self-Service Bag Drop

Published on 8 April 2019

Leading the way in developing biometric capability across the end to end passenger journey, and working in conjunction with IATA to help shape compliance and guidance for Automating the Passenger... Read more...

Chambers Wharf Retained Earth Slope

Published on 4 April 2019

The installation of a retaining wall to separate two working platforms was required at the Chambers Wharf site. The initial design involved the interlocking of Legato Blocks where the materials and... Read more...

Use of GGBS in Cutter Soil Mixing works

Published on 4 April 2019

Due to the in-ground contamination constraints at Tideways Earl Pumping Station Site a Geomix wall was required to be in place prior to Diaphragm Wall activities commencing. The effect of this was... Read more...

Highways CCTV Placement

Published on 27 February 2019

Deciding where to place the CCTV cameras on motorways and major roads used to be a dangerous and time-consuming job for engineers on the ground. We wanted to find a solution which would allow this to... Read more...

Digital Tools in Design & Construction

Published on 6 February 2019

PROJECT OUTLINE Bacton Asset Health, Scheme 1a Modifications to the top-tier COMAH natural gas terminal at Bacton. Installation of 35No. isolation valves ranging in diameter from 600mm to 900mm,... Read more...

Permanent Ballast Retention System

Published on 6 February 2019

In the past it was common practice in the industry to use 1ton ballast bags as a temporary measure before building up the wing walls. However now safe be design principles frown upon such practices... Read more...