Tideway East on Youtube

Published on 28 October 2016

Sending BIM models via emails with everyone in the team was very hard as the files sometimes exceeded 25Mb. Read more...

Hybrid Power Generator

Published on 28 October 2016

Noise at Deptford Church Street and Chambers Wharf has been a key issue when planning the works. Diesel power generators are usually very noisy and can cause a nuisance to the residents. Read more...

INV00020- Temporary asset management register

Published on 26 October 2016

A central Temporary Asset Register can provide the following useful information for all contracts: Assets, ownership details, costs at new and re-sale value. Building this register can lead to... Read more...

INV00993- Multilayer VR Platform

Published on 25 October 2016
Pinched with Pride once

C305 contract is now ending the tunnelling phase and this huge infrastructure is progressively being handed over to other contractors to continue with the construction programme. Dragados-Sisks JV is... Read more...