INV00965- C121- Thermal Imaging Camera

Published on 25 October 2016

C121 and CRL Innovate18 were asked by CRL CEG to look at the possibility of detecting water ingress through the linings at Stepney Green using a FLIR E60 thermal imaging camera. On 23/11/15 S. Phoon... Read more...

INV00852- Innovate UK AR/VR Competition

Published on 24 October 2016

A challenge has been agreed for a competition with Innovate UK. Innovate UK will fund an entry awarding a prize of £35k.

The winning applicant will develop the solution using Crossrail environment. Although no funding will be required for this, it may be enabled by other suggested Innovations, e.g. INV00738 and INV00770.

INV01006-MOYA Wind Energy Harvesting

Published on 21 October 2016

Moya Power; a light weight, flexible sheeting material that can independently harvest low grade wind energy in a variety of locations has been developed by a Masters Student at Imperial as part of her year end research project. She is now looking to work with an organisation that can support further development of her concept project. Read more...

INV00964 – CSJV Reporting app extension

Published on 21 October 2016

There is a desire on the part of CRL H&S to use a mobile application for easy access to observation reporting on site. The initial project app (INV00084) was developed by independent IT Company,... Read more...

INV00911- C610- Thermoformed Sleeper Covers

Published on 21 October 2016

Some concrete is poured on top of the sleepers when pumping it. This builds up around the rail fastening and makes it hard to clean while it is fresh. Once it is dry, rails can be unfastened and... Read more...

INV00007 – C502 – Digital Window QR Code

Published on 20 October 2016

Site hoardings are important factor in promoting Crossrail as one of the most public facing elements of the project. There is a desire to share the progress behind each hoarding, however physical... Read more...

INV00695 – C360 – Silt Doctor DR10

Published on 19 October 2016

The removal of water for the construction of the temporary shaft at Rounton Road requires a discharge consent through Thames Water. The consent conditions applied by Thames Water require C360 to... Read more...

C435- No-nocs protection

Published on 19 October 2016

BFK at C435 are trialling the No-Nocs™ protection system which is proving its worth within the SCL work areas. The robust high density flame retardant foam units protect operator’s hands which... Read more...