Drones for Autonomous Survey Inspection

Published on 30 August 2018

Tideway specifies a manual 10 yearly tunnel inspection, potentially requiring decommissioning of the asset (for operative safety purposes). Emerging autonomous technologies may allow for more frequent & fully remote inspections (even the possibility of remote maintenance).​


Electric vehicle charge points

Published on 20 August 2018

  Support saving 30%  carbon reduction by 2030 Respond to government proposals to ban petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 Support a more eco-friendly fleet offering Read more...

Voice – Idea sharing platform

Published on 20 August 2018
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Results of our Kier Employee Engagement Survey found that employees said we need a place to innovate. We need to create a buzz around innovation. We proposed creating an online portal to integrate... Read more...

Speedy Hire Cargo Bikes

Published on 10 August 2018

On Tideway East we recognised that the number of deliveries could be reduced, especially when related to small tools and hence we looked for alternatives to van deliveries for small tools. Read more...

Safer Driver Behaviour

Published on 6 August 2018
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Highways England is committed to ensuring the safety of road users and workers on its network –the ambition is that “No-one should be harmed on the Strategic Road Network.” At present Highways... Read more...