INV00017 Modular Noise Suppression Tent

Published on 7 September 2015

Crossrail sites are often located in close proxmity to residential areas and businessses. Excessive construction noise can cause complaints and may potentially breach local authority consents. The... Read more...

INV0014 Live Contract Document Register

Published on 4 September 2015

The Register and Issue Record (RIR) successfully tracks Crossrail design outputs however does not define which of those deliverables have been instructed by the Crossrail Project Manager to the Tier... Read more...

INV00001 – Ultra Low Carbon Concrete – Funded

Published on 4 September 2015
Pinched with Pride twice

Unlike low-carbon concrete, ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) manufacture results in significant carbon dioxide emissions via the energy required in the cement kilns to convert calcium carbonate to calcium oxide . Read more...