INV00841 – Q234 – Visualisation Room

Published on 17 October 2016

Often in meetings people are trying to explain their plan of some works or the location of works that are happening currently or have been completed. In order to visualise it and understand the... Read more...

INV00839 – Q234 – Materials hatch

Published on 14 October 2016

  It was difficult to get through the turnstiles to site while carrying a lot of survey equipment (tripod, EDM machine, dumpy level and staff). This presented a risk of getting stuck (!) or... Read more...

INV00838 – Q234 – Boot Grate

Published on 14 October 2016

Mud was being transferred from site along the path to the office and boot wash stations. This meant everyday the traffic marshal had to sweep the path. The boot wash stations had to be installed by... Read more...