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Dig to Share

Background and Aims

Open UK: Unlocking Ground Investigation Data Project Plan: Dig to Share

50% of construction project delays are reported to be caused by not understanding the ground conditions. A large proportion of the data generated by the UK Ground Engineering industry is ‘single use’, i.e. used only in relation to the project that the investigation was commissioned for, and not re-used for any adjacent or subsequent projects. In addition, a significant proportion of data acquired is missing from the British Geological Survey (BGS) database, and current practice is unlikely to improve this situation. Our Team consisting of Atkins, British Geological Survey and Morgan Sindall are aiming to solve this problem. Our project aims are to:

  • develop a fully digital workflow, which is accessible to the whole industry, to upload and access data from the BGS web-based system. This will be a development on top of the existing system hosted and maintained by BGS.
  • Identify blockers across the supply chain which are contributing to the current situation, identify solutions, and implement those solutions where feasible within the scope, timescale and budget.
  • release an additional 10,000 borehole records in AGS format via the BGS web-based system.
  • develop a community to support and expand the use of open data and promote the associated workflows via news articles, industry events and i3P/KTN.

Project Leads:

Sophie Payne, Atkins

Holger Kessler, BGS

For any queries please email the project team at:



Follow the “Dig To Share” twitter feed for updates:

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2 Responses to “Dig to Share”

  1. Profile photo of Sarah

    Hi Jack,
    Thanks for your comment and interest in this project.
    Sophie Payne (Sophie.Payne@atkinsglobal.com),Sarah Holmes (Sarah.Holmes@atkinsglobal.com) and Holger Kessler (hke@bgs.ac.ukare) the project leads- please feel free to contact them directly (if they haven’t responded already!)

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